Neither in the middle of the madness nor out of civilization, we’re situated in the heart of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. C27 is a hidden gem consists of a stocked up pantry, a comfortable sitting area and a featured graffiti wall by local artist, Kenji Chai.


Innovative, vibrant, hungry, and more importantly, diverse. We pride ourselves with the people we have. We built this company on a vision to collaborate with the best and the most diverse minds possible.

  • Interactive Director

  • C.E.O / Creative Director

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Partner / Interactive Director

    Shazy Noorazman

    Shazy Noorazman founded C27 in 2011 and is the current Interactive Director and Chief Technology Officer for the company. He is directly involved in creating an internal environment which enables the best ideas to rise from our driven and talented team. He also spearheads all product development of the company, ensuring only quality output from the company.

    To date, he has consulted for a wide range of  such as Panasonic, Carlsberg, OCBC and Milo, focusing on developing innovative experiences.

    Shazy is currently working on setting up the company’s mobile entertainment studios, which is due to launch its first product by the first quarter of 2016.

  • Partner / C.E.O / Creative Director

    Fazil Fuad

    C27’s very own powerhouse Managing Director is the core influencer of the company having to oversee all daily decisions and operations. An avid photographer in his early days, Fazil Fuad was commissioned to photograph numerous high profile campaigns for international brands such as Nike Sportswear, J.Walter Thompson (POS Malaysia), and Ogilvy Australia.

    Prior working in C27, Fazil held several positions at Rocket Internet GmBH. He was appointed as part of the pioneering team of Zalora Malaysia, first as Principal Photographer in December 2011, before assuming the role of Assistant Vice President. Following that, Fazil was transferred to the flagship office in Singapore and inducted as the first Regional Head of Production for Zalora South East Asia.

  • Partner / Chief Operating Officer

    Wei-Xiang Teoh

    As C27’s Chief Operating Officer, Teoh Wei-Xiang oversees the company’s business strategy and finance. He co-founded C27 with Shazy Noorazman and Fazil Fuad in 2011 after graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.


    Since holding his position in 2011, he is constantly improving on the business infrastructure to maintain C27’s rapid growth towards being at the forefront of innovation. In the space of three years, C27 has come from humble beginnings of three guys working a dining table into a team consisting of 20+

  • Associate Creative Director

    Nic Hon

    Opinions are like assholes.

  • Associate Creative Director


    "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

  • Senior Art Director

    Nic Low

    "I have a fantasy to be normal"

  • Art Director

    Ewyn Shum

    You found me

  • Senior Copywriter


    I came , I saw , I made it awkward.

  • Senior Copywriter

    Adrian Bong

    " Po-tay-to , Po-tab-to ."

  • Jr. Art Director

    Chi Cheng

    Always hungry

  • Jr. Art Director


    "One does not simply begin work without coffee."

  • Jr. UX Designer



  • Jr. UX Designer

    Kahsuit Hooi (Bu)

    Everyone wants to be unicorn

  • Copywriter


    "You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret : All the best people are."

  • Jr. Copywriter

    Andrew K.

    Sleep well tonight.

  • Director Of Strategy

    Isa Ghani


  • Business Intelligence

    You Ting


  • Account Manager

    Sherwin Kukreja

    Life’s just a game; It’s one epic holiday

  • Digital Strategist Manager

    Andrew C.

    Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish.

  • Digital Strategist

    Syafeeq Zaki

    Ape cerita bro?

  • Ideation Strategist

    Sarah King

    "I'm into aliens, tattoos and angler fishes."

  • Community Manager

    Jaspal Singh

    Enjoying a cuppa communi-tea

  • Digital Strategist

    Clement Kee

    Beans. Cool Beans!

  • Digital Strategist


    Inspire to Inspire

  • Product Manager

    V-Ki Cheong

    The polyglot that juggles fire.

  • Account Executive

    Joey Christo

    The guy who can't sit for long.

  • Design Executive

    Lokman Sokran

    Stranger in strange land

  • Jr. Copywriter

    Jeaney Wong

    "I like Bratwurst."

  • Digital Executive

    Jamie Lim

    "Young cat , if you keep your eyes open wide enough , Oh the stuff you would learn ! ".

  • Strategy Intern


    "Een slechte persoonlÿkheid kan zelfs de knapste persoon lelÿk maken".

  • Digital Strategist Intern


    'Jonan Cruijff' - Als je niet kan wimen moet je zorger dat je niet verliest.

  • Account Executive

    Zony Ly


  • Business Consulting Director

    Keith Macfarlaine

    My name does not match my appearance.

  • Lead Tech Solutionist

    Nelson Wong

    Life is too short to remove USB safely.

  • Back-End Programmer

    Naim Rahidin

    Nasi Kukus extra rice, extra sambal 5 times a week!

  • Front End Programmer

    Giin Yaw


  • Tech Intern

    Ryan Dev

    “In two years everything we think is great now will suck…it’s all gonna change!” ~ Philip Bloom

  • General Manager (Australia)

    Susan Lee


  • Project Manager

    Michelle Koh

    Avid Absolut Vodka and My Little Pony collector.

  • Associate Project Manager

    Lynne Tan

    Feed me my Maccas!

  • Finance And Operations Manager


    No Pain No Gain.

  • Admin Cum Accounts Manager

    Jamie Wong

    "I am a debt collector."

  • Intern

    Vanessa Tan

    Live life to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS

  • HR - Onboarding Officer

    Ken Goh

    'Hurr Hurr Hurr' One Laugh To Rule Them All.

  • Technical Director

    James Bailey

    I love television

  • Games Programmer

    Swastik Swarnkar


  • Games Designer

    Marc Chen

    Cats, DotA, anime and Marvel.

  • Games Artist

    Chai li

    Focus on things you can change

  • Games Artist

    Noellé Allen

    There’s always more pixels to level up!

  • Games Artist

    Jennifer Lee

    Art, FPS player; killer game player personality.

  • Game Tester

    Eugene Chua


  • Intern

    Adrian Ng



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