Community Manager (Contract)

Reports directly to the Social Media Lead
Job Grade : J5


“Orator, influencer, "penghulu". You are not only a megaphone, you are also the "house speaker". An organization is nothing without its tribe or community, and the role of a CM is to bridge the gap in between.”

key traits

Urgency, empathetic, adaptivity, insightfulness, result oriented, intelligent, analytical, curious, resourceful, team player, articulate.


Min 2 years of serving community management functions in an organization or equivalent. T3 majority portfolio OR >RM180k portfolio value. Project proposal signatory of up to RM15k. Intermediate level of competency. Certification in relevant subject matter (channel management, analytics, social media, digital strategy, digital engagement).

Management will review this Job Description annually during professional review meetings. According to the changing demands of the Company, the duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time. Management may review this Job Description at the reasonable discretion of the Management of the Company in the light of changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

Primary Responsibilities

Marketing & New Business
  • Be involved in new social business/pitches.
  • Work together with the team in developing social media strategic approaches for proposals.
Client Management
  • Act as a brand guardian; to be able to share and consult clients based on insights from community management.
  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of a client’s business, the industry landscape and the challenges faced.
  • Understanding client needs, requirements, and project constraints on social (schedule / scope / resources) and interpreting them for the internal teams.
  • Corresponding on day-to-day deliverables with clients, including implementation, executions, and insights. (as and when needed)
  • Ensure client approvals and sign-offs are being achieved/received according to timeline, avoiding the delay / overrun of work deliveries.
  • Ongoing client education/re-education to ensure their increased understanding of digital strategies, processes, and workflows – as well as the overall C27 Process and Approach.
Social Media Planning & Execution
  • Plan and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies, working with the teams to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of work.
  • Ensure proposed Social media and communication strategies serve the clients’ objectives and business parameters effectively, mapping back to the brief provided. 
  • Provide/review regular reporting of ongoing work in order to be able to conduct effective check-ins on delivery and/or objectives.
Collaborate with Others
  • Work alongside the Strategy Team as a whole for campaigns by assisting in influencer marketing – from research, proposal, consultation, execution to post-campaign follow-ups.
  • Assist the Strategy Team in the development of social media reporting (community management breakdown, post performance, sentiments).
  • Participate in ideation and development of digital/social strategies across multi-channel communication platforms, with input from the Strategy, Creative and Technical teams.
  • Provide insights/research based data on community sentiments for content improvement.
  • Work together in the content calendar creation by conducting research, contributing in ideas and social media copywriting if and when needed.
Community Management
  • Be responsible for enquiries from fans on all social media channels in a timely manner.
  • Schedule and post content.
  • Escalate and coordinate with client/customer teams when required.
Project Management & Coordination
  • Maintain communications with appropriate internal agencies and client personnel under the supervision of a senior to ensure positive workflow, escalating exceptions and client issues as required.
  • Ensure a smooth working process internally with each department.
Social Check-Ins
  • To initiate in assisting/mentoring subordinates and/or peers in completing tasks.
  • Regular check-ins with seniors to help them keep a pulse on general team happiness and to ensure that issues are being brought up.
Internal Initiatives
  • To work closely with others to execute & drive internal special projects as initiated by the CEO.
  • To work together with social lead to consistently improve social workflow/platforms/systems for higher productivity and efficiency.

Other Responsibilities

General Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with others – Encourage discourse and critical thinking in collaborations with others.
  • Ensure effective interdepartmental collaboration.
  • To adhere to superior’s directions, instructions, & recommendations.
  • To ensure all works down are of high quality with little to no errors.
  • To ensure all projects are submitted promptly: with precise contents, a clean format.
Responsibilities towards the Company
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping and general usage of the Company’s assets in employee possession, and in the usage of Company facilities that are provided.

  • To be dress presentably and to maintain professionalism during client meetings, which reflects the C27 philosophy.

  • To uphold C27’s brand image at all times, during working hours and non-working hours, in-office grounds or out of office grounds.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
  • You are to constantly and actively observe C27’s culture and practices, putting in efforts to ensure you uplift the Company’s good name.
Job Grade - J4

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