Content and community team

Creative Group Head

Reports directly to the Associate Creative Director (ACD).
Job Grade : J3+
Salary : RM8,000 - RM10,000

The Creative Group Head is the general that ensures the group stays on course. Their key focus is to help steer the group towards the path of glory. Someone who champions flawless copywriting and understands the balance between design, content, copy & business goals. A creative powerhouse that is adaptable, admirable, and can rally the troops to create brilliant work.


“Trendsetter, stylist, anarchist. The aesthetic & experiential front line of the C27 collective.”

Department summary

"Don't just make content, be discontent." In the vast, ever-changing world that is the internet, one fact has remained since its inception - the internet loves new things. The C27 Content and Community team combines meaningful insights, universal truths, hot topics and a dose of visual artistry to create arresting content and engage with digital communities. They are also responsible for the production of content on digital channels, and engaging the community in line with a brand’s voice.

key traits

Bold, restless, curious, rule breaker, exaggerator, stylistic, detail-oriented, empath, visionary, experimental, visualise, and a tinge of naivety.


Min 6 years of experience in managing teams and serving creative functions in an organisation or equivalent, T2 majority portfolio OR >RM250k portfolio value, Possess at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Design, Fine Art or relevant degree or certification, Advanced competency in design, copy, user experience, production, content creation, art direction, analytics, social media

Management will review this Job Description annually during professional review meetings. The duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time according to the changing demands of the Company. Management may review this Job Description at the reasonable discretion of the Management of the Company in the light of changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

Primary Responsibilities

Creative Excellence
  • Ensuring the highest quality of work is produced at all times.
  • Remain objective and value based on approaching creative work – Inspire intent and delight your audience.
  • Keeping up with current events and the latest aesthetic trends.
  • Make most out of  ideations and work with the team to bring ideas to life.
  • To be able to articulate, rationalise and defend conceptual and directional choices.
  • Accountable for the final development and production of creative assets.
  • Time allocated will vary but ensure equal and dedication to all bodies of work.
  • Championing the rule of “no Lorem Ipsum” in mockups, you must ensure that words & visuals are of equal priority in any piece of work.
  • Underpromise, over deliver.
Creative Leadership
  • Mentor, encourage, foster, and support intelligent innovation and risk-taking to create and deliver creative solutions that improve the consumer interaction and experience with clients’ products and/or services, providing the best financial performance to clients’ business.


  • Co-create the department’s vision with other creative leaders and relay it to team members, aligning with fundamental organisational values. 


  • Inspire and ensure that the whole Content & Community team produces compelling and industry-leading work.


  • Works closely with creative teams to develop and execute creative solutions that work within an overarching concept 


  • Takes on a leadership role when working or presenting work to clients 


  • Ensure that you are the source of inspiration for your team.


  • Create a balanced environment for your team to fail safely.


  • Lead and manage a team of creatives in the development and delivery of creative solutions across multiple clients and platforms.


  • Accountable for the final development and production of creative assets. 


  • Attention to detail in evaluating creative work.


  • Mentor and onboard other creatives (both art- and copy-based) as needed.


  • Offer client and team members innovative advice and solutions from industry examples and experience.


  • Help organize, maintain, and oversee creative standards and guidelines.


  • Offer insight on creative briefs and schedules.


  • Lead, manage, and coordinate production shoots (Photo Shoots, Events, Production Houses, etc.) in the absence of an Associate Creative Director on a working team.


  • Responsible for signing off all execution work of which the creative direction has been signed off by either the Associate Creative Director or Creative Director on a working team, including all internal and external revisions.


  • To act as main subject matter expert in the absence of a Creative Director or Associate Creative Director in meetings with clients.


  • Delegate and share all roles and responsibilities mentioned above to your respective second-in-line as deemed necessary, in accordance with relevant contexts, as part of your wider management responsibilities to grow and nurture the next generation of leaders.


  • Responsible for debriefing Junior Art Directors / freelancers / vendors on how to carry out executional work. This responsibility can be delegated to Senior Art Directors / Senior Copywriters within your team if you are tied up with other responsibilities such as client management or involvement in new biz projects.
Client Management
  • Build relationships with team members among clients


  • Create plans to address clients’ business needs


  • Advise clients on creating profitable processes


  • Schedule regular meetings with customers to ensure they are satisfied


  • Act as point of contact for complaints and escalate issues as appropriate


  • Help sales team up-sell or cross-sell services and products


  • Ensure both the company and clients adhere to contract terms
New Business Conversion
  • Directing and developing business proposals.


  • Accountable for new business conversion rate.

Other Responsibilities

General Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with others – Encourage discourse and critical thinking in collaborations with others.


  • Ensure effective interdepartmental collaboration.


  • To adhere to superior’s directions, instructions, & recommendations.


  • To ensure all works down are of high quality with little to no errors.


  • To ensure all projects are submitted promptly: with precise contents, a clean format.
Responsibilities towards the Company
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping and general usage of the Company’s assets in employee possession, and in the usage of Company facilities that are provided.

  • To be dress presentably and to maintain professionalism during client meetings, which reflects the C27 philosophy.

  • To uphold C27’s brand image at all times, during working hours and non-working hours, in-office grounds or out of office grounds.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
  • You are to constantly and actively observe C27’s culture and practices, putting in efforts to ensure you uplift the Company’s good name.

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