Content and community team

Motion Designer

Reports directly to the Motion Lead.
Job Grade : J4
Salary : RM3,600 - RM5,500

Your ability to being able to arrest attention with your artistic flair will always be your biggest asset. This role will require you to translate relevant strategies into an immersive, creative vision that will engage it's intended audience. Good design influences behaviour, but great design is 95% invisible. You break the rules, but you are principled and just as methodical in your approach. Your role is to visualise meaning; you make intelligence visible, and at times, tangible. In a rapidly changing, thumb scrolling, attention-deficit world, there has never been a more significant need for arresting artistic flair and empathetic, thoughtful design.


“Trendsetter, stylist, anarchist. The aesthetic & experiential front line of the C27 collective.”

Department summary

In the vast, ever-changing world that is the internet, one fact has remained since its inception - the internet loves new things. The C27 Content and Community team combines meaningful insights, universal truths, hot topics and a dose of visual artistry to create arresting content and engage with digital communities. They are also responsible for the production of content on digital channels, and engaging the community in line with a brand’s voice. This is the team that made Netflix one of Malaysia's favourite brands and levelled up the way McDonald's engages its biggest fans in the digital age. Our work is seen more than 5 billion times each year and it is still growing.

key traits

Bold, restless, curious, rule breaker, exaggerator, stylistic, detail-oriented, empath, visionary, experimental, visualise, and a tinge of naivety.


Min 3 years of experience in serving creative functions in an organisation or equivalent Portfolio composition of T2 majority portfolio OR >RM250k portfolio value Possess at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Design, Fine Art, Film/Cinema or relevant degree or certification Advanced knowledge in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Working knowledge Photoshop, Illustrator and intermediate knowledge Additionals skills in 3D and VFX is a plus.

Management will review this Job Description annually during professional review meetings. According to the changing demands of the Company, the duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time. Management may review this Job Description at the reasonable discretion of the Management of the Company in the light of changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

Primary Responsibilities

Creative Excellence
  • Ensuring the highest quality of work is produced at all times.
  • Remain objective and value based on approaching creative work
  • Inspire intent and delight your audience.
  • Keeping up with current events and the latest aesthetic trends.
  • Make the most of  ideations and work with the team to bring ideas to life.
  • Be able to articulate, rationalise and defend conceptual and directional choices.
  • Accountable for the final development and production of creative assets.
  • Ensure equal and dedication to all bodies of work in accordance to time allocated.
  • Champion the rule of “no Lorem Ipsum” in mockups, ensuring that words & visuals are of equal priority in any piece of work. 
  • Underpromise, over deliver.


  • While your conventional creatives are custodians of the ‘big idea’, you and your team are masters of the craft – your creative excellence comes in the form of meticulous and flawless crafting, and you will be the main driver of perfection down to the last pixel.
Creative Execution
  • Design and create enticing motion graphics for video deliverables (corporate videos, eLearning, websites, marketing demos, etc.)
  • Prepare design plans, concepts and layouts for motion graphic projects.
  • Create and deliver motion graphics in various media including web, mobile, etc.
  • Work with art and creative teams to understand project scope and objectives.
  • Edit raw video footage and add effects/elements to enhance motion graphics.
  • Research and analyse best design techniques and solutions to create motion graphics.
  • Assist in designing and creating storyboards.
  • Participate in a brainstorming sessions to share new design perspectives and ideas.
  • Maintain and follow best practices for versioning control, naming convention and organisation of graphic files.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about latest motion design techniques.
  • Ensure compliance with company guidelines and design standards.
  • Working with creative teams to select audio, video, colors, animation, etc. for motion design.
Collaborate with Others
  • Encourage discourse and critical thinking in collaborations with others.
  • Ensure effective interdepartmental collaboration.

Other Responsibilities

General Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with others – Encourage discourse and critical thinking in collaboration with others.
  • Ensure effective interdepartmental collaboration.
  • To adhere to Superior’s directions, instructions, and recommendations.
  • To ensure all works done are of high quality with little to no error.
  • To ensure all projects are submitted promptly, with precise content and a clean format.
Responsibilities towards the Company
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping and general usage of the Company’s assets in employee possession and the usage of Company facilities provided.
  • To be dressed presentably and to maintain professionalism during client meetings.
  • To uphold C27’s brand image at all times, during working hours and non-working hours, in-office grounds or out of office grounds.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
  • Constantly observe C27’s culture and practices, putting in efforts to ensure you uplift the Company’s good name.

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