Management Department

Digital Marketing Lead

Reports directly to the Strategy Director.
Job Grade - J3

As a performance lead, your main role is to lead teams towards driving business, marketing and communication metrics with an effectively curated mix of digital marketing channels. You will be part of the strategy team, the fundamentalist dimension of our work here at C27. Armed with native expertise in various digital ecosystems and ad platforms, you are essentially quarterback, playmaker, and conductor of the C27 orchestra.


“Explorer, hunter, gatherer, planner, time traveller, debater, researcher. The cerebral front line of the C27 collective."

Department summary

Strategy, in the broadest sense, is a list of the right things to do. The how what and why. The how what and why. The primary role of the C27 Strategy team is to drive key business metrics by identifying key growth areas or profit centres within a client's organisation. Through a deep understanding of behavioural psychology, consumer behaviour, a strategist is there to derive valuable insights to enable cross-functional teams to develop and evolve ideas. A digital strategist's fundamental role in C27 is to develop a plan that connects the brand to the online consumer or user.

key traits

Result-oriented, smart, logical, calculative, analytical, curious, resourceful, people oriented, effective communicator, accountable and responsible, leadership mentality, structured and organised, critical thinkers, self-motivated.


Min 4 - 6 years of experience serving creative and/or media functions in an organisation or equivalent. Experience managing a team would be a plus. Portfolio composition of T1 (>RM500k) portfolio value. Possess at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration and Finance, Communications, Media, Statistics, or relevant degree or certification. Working knowledge of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ad platforms (and other major search, display, video and social tools). Intermediate knowledge of analytical tools such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel. Basic knowledge of Google Workspace ( Doc, Sheets, Slides, etc.).

This Job Description will be reviewed annually, during the course of professional review meetings. The duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time according to the changing demands of the Company. This Job Description may be reviewed at the reasonable discretion of the Management of the Company in the light of changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

Primary Responsibilities

Dedicated Account Retention
  • Champion a brand and specific business’s digital marketing deliverables and be the subject matter expert. 
Strategic Excellence
  • Build a strong understanding of your clients’ business challenges and goals.


  • Take a proactive approach to problem-solving, developing hypotheses and actionable insights from data sets related to everything from eCommerce shopping carts to online video.


  • Understand the client’s audiences, objectives, and priorities, and lead the definition of solutions to meet these needs.


  • Provide strategic direction on product, experience, and/or communications initiatives, identifying the key value propositions, consumer needs, and value to the business.


  • Identify key opportunities to drive client value and collaborate with clients to add value to their business and educate them on digital marketing excellence.


  • Be proactive, challenge with effective debate, and identify what the agenda for future discussion should be.


  • Plan and lead client educational workshops on methodology, approach, industry terms towards performance marketing workshops and research sessions.


  • Craft compelling narratives in presentations and to influence your findings of performance to internal stakeholders and external parties (e.g. agency, vendors or publishers).
Strategy Leadership
  • Mentor, encourage, foster and support intelligent innovation and risk-taking to create and deliver business models that improve the consumer interaction and experience with the product and provide the best financial performance to the business.


  • Create the department’s vision and relay it to team members, aligning with the fundamental organisational values. 


  • Inspire and ensure that the whole experience team produces compelling and industry-leading work.


  • Help lead our talented junior and midweight strategists, including line management responsibilities where possible, taking charge of major projects.


  • Takes a leadership role when working or presenting work to clients 


  • Ensure that you are the source of inspiration for your team.


  • Create a balanced environment for your team to fail safely.


  • Lead and manage a team of strategists in the development and delivery of strategy solutions across multiple clients and platforms.


  • Accountable for the final development and production of strategy assets. 


  • Attention to detail in evaluating strategy work.


  • Mentor and onboard other strategists as needed


  • Offer client and team members innovative advice and solutions from industry examples and experience


  • Help organize, maintain and oversee strategy standards and guidelines


  • Offer insight on strategy briefs and schedules

Other Responsibilities

General Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with others – Encourage discourse and critical thinking in collaborations with others.


  • Ensure effective interdepartmental collaboration.


  • To adhere to superior’s directions, instructions, & recommendations.


  • To ensure all works down are of high quality with little to no errors.


  • To ensure all projects are submitted promptly: with precise contents, a clean format.
Responsibilities towards the Company
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping and general usage of the Company’s assets in employee possession and the usage of Company facilities provided.


  • To be dressed presentably and to maintain professionalism during client meetings.


  • To uphold C27’s brand image at all times, during working hours and non-working hours, in-office grounds or out of office grounds.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
  • You are to constantly and actively observe C27’s culture and practices, putting in efforts to ensure you uplift the Company’s good name.

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