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UX Designer

Reports directly to the Senior UX Designer

“With a solid understanding and strong demonstration of user-centred design principles, the UX designer is responsible for designing adaptive digital services and applications that enhance the customer experience across a wide variety of channels and devices.”


"With a solid understanding and strong demonstration of user-centred design principles, the UX designer is responsible for designing adaptive digital services and applications that enhance the customer experience across a wide variety of channels and devices."

Department summary

“It’s just a show!“, fairy dust, pull a rabbit out of the hat, curtains close, exit stage left, fade to black. The biggest misconception when it comes to defining creativity is it’s synonymous with magic. It’s not. Creativity is making connections between variables that didn’t seem like they were there. We juxtapose seemingly random elements to create new meaning. Contrary to popular belief, we do not simply “pluck ideas from the air” or, pull a rabbit out of a damn hat. As a C27 Creative, you are a champion of empathy. From user experience design to video production, we understand that human beings are ALWAYS the key beneficiaries of our work. We celebrate individualism and personalisation, we are just as weird as how each of our audiences are unique - one size will never fit all. You are a master builder as much as you are an expert assembler. We expect you to be able to tell a story with a camera, just as much as a pen and paper. A “What If-er”. Curiosity is your currency, use it well, leave the rest to the finance team.

key traits

Bold, restless, curious, rule breaker, exaggerator, stylistic, detail-oriented, empath, visionary, experimental, visualist, naivety.


Min 1.5 years of serving UX functions in an organization or equivalent, intermediate level competency and certification in relevant subject matter (user experience, website/app/software development)

Nice to have

Basic knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Familiarity with Atomic Design and designing with a component based design system. Digital illustration skills

This Job Description will be reviewed annually during professional review meetings. The duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time according to the changing demands of the Company. Management may review this Job Description at the reasonable discretion of the Management of the Company in the light of changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

Primary Responsibilities

Marketing & New Business
  • Be involved in new business/pitches.


  • Pursues opportunities to improve the strategy to address client and user objectives better.
Client Management
  • To be able to present, rationalise and liaise with tier 2 & 3 clients on UX designs (if required).


  • To be able to consult tier 2 & 3 clients on best UX practice.
User-centred Design Excellence
  • Responsible for the development of innovative customer experiences across a wide variety of channels and devices.


  • Work with the Experience Director in user experience activities on experience projects and initiatives.


  • Able to work with a team of UX designers to develop streamlined UX processes.


  • Able to define consumers, processes, and ideas from an objective point of view based on research and insight.


  • Build storyboards to conceptualize designs to convey project plans to clients and senior management accurately.


  • Championing great ideas & design executions that help bring ideas to life.


  • To be able to articulate and defend conceptual and directional choices.


  • To be able to research and establish the best overall design elements to include in UX design experiences.


  • To conduct testing of sample applications, websites and software to assess user experience and ease of design.
Collaborate with Others
  • Contribute to building the target audience persona and playing an avid role in the strategic planning of a project – Objectives, KPI’s, Campaign Roll-Outs & etc.


  • To be involved in the planning & development of experience projects. Responsible for the overall Website Architecture, User Flow & Front End Experience of these projects.


  • Collaborate closely with a copywriter during creative development to ensure synergy between copy and design.
Project Management & Coordination
  • Manage and ensure personal, and team’s tasks are delivered on time, working closely with Project Management Team.


  • Maintain communications with appropriate internal agencies and client personnel to ensure positive workflow, escalating exceptions and client issues as required.


  • Supervise and oversee the quality of work delivered by vendor partners.


  • Review team working processes and style daily to ensure efficient and effective management of day-to-day tasks
Internal Initiatives
  • To work closely with others to execute & drive special internal projects as initiated by the CEO.


  • Keep an eye on awards/case study work across the C27 portfolio of clients.


  • To consistently improve internal systems for higher productivity and efficiency.

Other Responsibilities

Responsibilities towards the Company
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping and general usage of the Company’s assets in employee possession, and in the usage of Company facilities that are provided.


  • To be dress presentably and to maintain professionalism during client meetings, which reflects the C27 philosophy


  • To uphold C27’s brand image at all times, during working hours and non-working hours, in-office grounds or out of office grounds.
General Responsibilities
  • To adhere to Superior’s directions, instructions, & recommendations.


  • To ensure all works are of high quality with little to no errors.


  • To ensure reporting of all projects are submitted in a timely manner: with clear contents, a neat format, & transparency in works done.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
  • You are to constantly and actively observe C27’s culture and practices, putting in efforts to ensure you uplift the Company’s good name.

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