Introducing A Process x C27 Collaboration

This Editor’s note appears in an upcoming zine produced in collaboration with Process Magazine that centers around the creative processes behind putting together the 10th Anniversary edition of Malaysia’s largest music festival, Good Vibes Festival. The zine features interviews with local musicians, explorations of the evolution of music festivals, and goes behind the scenes to reveal the creative inner workings of these musical communities.

My dad is an incredible musician – he is one of those people who can reproduce a rhythm on the drums by ear after a single listen. He grew up in 1960s Malaysia, a time when children were encouraged to pursue nation-building professions like doctors, engineers, and bankers, in order to contribute to the future of our young nation. As fate would have it, his career mostly took place in a skyscraper at a bank, rather than on a stage as a drummer for his band. He never got the chance to live out his drumming dreams as much as he liked, as the world at the time signaled to him that perhaps music should take a back seat.

Our generation on the other hand is markedly luckier. Since his time, new creative tools have been invented that have democratized the process of making music and to a large extent – art itself. These tools have opened doors of opportunity that previous generations could only dream of. However, while the tools have made the creative process easier, the willingness to rebel against norms, and invest sweat, blood, and tears into one’s craft remains unchanged for musicians.

As such, in this issue, we celebrate music—specifically music festivals and all the joy and grime that comes with it. I’ve been told by a rather biased musician friend of mine that music might be the perfect art form: you can’t see it, you can’t feel it – but yet it touches every element of the human spirit. There just isn’t anything else in the world quite like it.

Photo courtesy of Fazil Fuad

In the coming pages, we seek to explore the lives of those who dedicate themselves to making us feel something – the lyricists, guitarists, singers, DJs, the Ableton aficionados. This is our small way of saying thank you for rebelling against conventions; for sharing your boundless talent freely and generously with those who need it most.

Here’s to forever being a rebel with a cause.

Fazil Fuad,
CEO, C27

Stay tuned for the launch of Process x C27’s upcoming zine all about
Good Vibes Festival by following us on Instagram.
Stay tuned for the launch of Process x C27’s upcoming zine all about Good Vibes Festival by following us on Instagram.