7 Plantstagrams You Need To Follow

Maybe you’ve always had green fingers. Perhaps you’re now 25 with “disposable income” for the first time. Or maybe you’re just looking for some companionship without the soul-crushing levels of commitment required by pets and humans. If that’s the case, love, it sounds like you need some plants.


Enter: plantstagrams, the portmanteau of plants+Instagram. Think I’ve made the word up? A quick search will show 933,230 plantstagrams from folks ranging from beginner pothos parents to certified fanatics who’ve turned their whole apartments into giant terrariums. As for myself, I’m somewhere in between.


Sunlight requirements and humidity were once words I’d associate with homeless begpackers, but now, these words are key pillars of my plant mantra. I chose the plant life, and in due time, it chose me too. After two long years of overwatering and “Ah, little bit only lah the yellowing,” I can finally (with some authority) recommend the best plantstagrams you should be following on Instagram.

@hiltoncarter is my go-to guy for all things plant care and aesthetic. His account features mostly shots of his home, which is basically a mini jungle (no mosquitoes, don’t worry) with plants covering nearly every surface. If you’ve noticed an abundance of fiddle leaf figs (amongst other plantstagrams) on your feed and IRL lately, Hilton and his tree, Frank, are likely to blame as they were at the very front of the trend. Also on his feed is this repurposed tiger-head-vase-thing (above), which is perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

The only thing better than watching a Malaysian make it big time is watching a Malaysian make it big time as a plantstagrammer. @botanygeek is a Malaysian dude who works for the BBC and is an ambassador for Kew Gardens. He does Q&As on the reg, answers DMs about plants (when he can), and just generally makes #plantlife so accessible to us normal folk. He’s also worked on incorporating a living terrarium into furniture (tables, etc.) so if you’re into furniture as well, be sure to check him out (don’t make me write another article on that or you won’t hear the end of it). Also, he put a plant on volcanic rock WTF THAT’S SO COOL.

@planterina is probably the chillest, most helpful plant lady you’ll ever come across. Most of her posts are IGTV videos showing you how to do every part of plant care from watering to repotting as well as helpful tips on caring for and troubleshooting specific species. Unlike some plant people who can be admittedly a little pretentious (shots fired @homesteadbrooklyn), @planterina doesn’t make you feel like an idiot when you’re just trying to figure out how to add some green to your life.

Need some inspiration on how to incorporate plants into your urban apartment life? Check out @thesill, the account of a New York plant shop that likes to show off its collection of city-friendly plants as well as the ways its customers choose to display them in their homes. Fair warning though, you’ll probably come away from this account inspired to redo your whole apartment too.

If anyone tries to argue that plants are too “domestic” for guys, just show them this account. @boyswithplants aims to dismantle the false notion that plants–and the domestic sphere in general–are the domain of women. It does so by juxtaposing “traditionally handsome,” hyper-masculine men with the softer, more feminine images of leaves, flowers, and interiors. It’s totally not just an account full of beautiful men in varying states of undress posing suggestively with plants…


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re welcome.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, in the world of design right now, there’s nothing cooler than a lush screen of green set against a pink wall. @plantsonpink, exactly as its name might suggest, brings you a feed full of green plants against, you guessed it, pink backdrops. If you’re into mid-century modern design or just need an excuse to go to whatever new cafe that just opened up, take a picture, and tag an account in hopes of a feature or story shoutout, this account is for you.

Would it even be a Harish-written article if it doesn’t include a biased shoutout to an account he treasures dearly? No.


@underwaterroots is where all of my “disposable income” goes to, as it’s a feed curated by my oh-so-lovely plant kakak Jackie. If you’ve read this article, you’ll see that this account features pink walls and plants fit to qualify as a Tier 1 plantstagram – repurposed Ayam Brand containers and all. The previous accounts were goals you should strive for, this one’s where you should start. Go follow.

And that’s pretty much it, folks! Stay tuned for the next article on “Unlikely Ways to Kill Your (Malaysian) Plants”. Feel free to buzz the admin if you’d like recs on where to buy plants (FOR CHEAP!). Till then, ciao cincau.

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