#Banjir2021: Here’s How You Can Help

Last week, parts of the country were hit by some of the worst floods we’ve seen in the last 100 years.


Nobody was prepared. Even the people who were prepared weren’t prepared.


Either way, we knew we had to do something.


So, because we’re in the #KitaJagaKita timeline (and have been for most of the pandemic, LBR), apart from giving staff three days paid leave for volunteering work, we also compiled a list of organisations you can reach out to if you’d like to help with relief efforts.


This list will be updated regularly. Check it out below:

Discover Kuala Langat

Who they are: A travel-based community based in Kuala Langat.


What they need: Volunteers for post-flood cleaning services in the Kuala Langat area.


How to reach out: Give Sis CT a call or WhatsApp her at 017-6034908

Gurdwara Sahib

Who they are: A Sikh Gurdwara that is currently running a food bank programme for flood victims.


What they need: Volunteers to pack items, including dry food and other relief supplies. Donations are welcome too.


How to reach out: DM @gurdwarasahibpj or @sikhinside on Instagram.

Hulur Malaysia

Who they are: A social enterprise advocating for the underprivileged.


What they need: Volunteers for post-flood cleaning services in the Hulu Langat area.


How to reach out: Contact Awin at 012-6295954 or send them a DM on Instagram at @hulurmalaysia

YouthCare Malaysia

Who they are: An NGO dedicated to empowering and mobilising the youth in volunteerism, development, and activism.


What they need: Volunteers for post-flood cleaning services.


How to reach out: Sign up as a volunteer here

Parti MUDA

Who they are: A multi-racial and youth-centric political party in Malaysia.


What they need: Volunteers for post-flood cleaning services. Donations are also welcome.


How to reach out: Sign up as a volunteer here


Who they are: A NGO that aims to drive and empower sustainable actions for a better planet.


What they need: Donations to raise funds to help Orang Asli community in Bukit Tadom that was affected by the floods. Other forms of donations are also welcome e.g. food and clothes.


How to reach out: You can make a donation here


Who they are: A support group for LGBTQ youth in Malaysia.


What they needVolunteers for post-flood cleaning services. Donations are also welcome.


How to reach out: DM @jejakaorg on Instagram or make a donation directly to Pertubuhan Jaringan Kebajikan Komuniti (564717527444 – Maybank Berhad)

Pink Flag Project Malaysia

Who they are: A non-profit project dedicated to eradicating period poverty through education.


What they need: Donations for menstrual supplies.


How to reach out: DM them at @pinkflag.my on Instagram

The following have been compiled from lists by Lifestyle Asia and Vulcan Post.

Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Who they are: A non-profit organisation dedicated to humanitarian acts and services.


What they need: Funds for post-flood clean-up efforts.


How to reach out: You can make donations to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (514422102657 – Maybank Berhad)

Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia

Who they are: A body of students involved in discussing and tackling national issues.


What they need: People to lend them water jets for post-flood clean-up.


How to reach out: Get in touch with Syamim at 019-1273 1962.

Malaysian Relief Agency

Who they are: A Malaysian humanitarian organisation focused on natural disasters and armed conflict both here and internationally.


What they need: Donations to help flood affected Malaysians.


How to reach out: You can make donations here.

The Hope Branch

Who they are: A charity organisation established by Harith Iskander and Jezamine Lim to help people affected by the pandemic.


What they need: Volunteers and financial aid for providing clean water and other necessities to people in Hulu Langat and Shah Alam. 


How to reach out: Donations can be made here, or  shoot a WhatsApp to 019-7093103 to volunteer.

Budi Care

Who they are: Part of the Selangor Muslim Students Association (PEPIAS).


What they need: Donations of funds or basic necessities, and volunteers.


How to reach out: Contact Zikrun at 018-2788427, or make a donation here.

Happy Bank

Who they are: A non-profit, volunteer-based organisation who support underprivileged and neglected communities in Malaysia.


What they need: Donations to expand their flood victim aid program.


How to reach out: Make your donation to Happy Crew Project (568621000906 – Maybank Berhad, Reference: “Banjir”)

Impactive Malaysia

Who they are: A non-profit working to help underprivileged communities socially and economically.


What they need: RM25,000 for basic necessities, and volunteers with 4-wheel drive vehicles or boats.


How to reach out: Reach out to Linda at 013-7337197 to volunteer, or make a donation to Impactive Malaysia (562263567502 – Maybank Berhad, Reference: “Bantuan Banjir”)

MY Hope Hero

Who they are: A charity organisation that has been helping with the #BenderaPutih movement.


What they need: Monetary support to purchase emergency supplies, plus necessities for young families.


How to reach out: Donate directly here.


Who they are: The humanitarian arm of the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM).


What they need: Funds to supply relief kits, and volunteers (medical experience not-required) to distribute said kits.


How to reach out: You can volunteer here, and make donations via their Billplz.


Who they are: A humanitarian relief network providing temporary shelters and fresh water to flood-stricken areas.


What they need: Donations for food aid, women and baby necessities, and post-flood recovery.


How to reach out: Donations can be made here.

Global Peace Mission

Who they are: GPM Malaysia provides humanitarian assistance for victims of war and natural disasters.


What they need: RM250,000 to supply and distribute emergency aid and medical supplies.


How to reach out: Make your donation here.

MERCY Malaysia

Who they are: A non-profit body devoted to providing humanitarian aid.


What they need: Funds to provide flood victims medical & food assistance, hygiene supplies, and other relief items.


How to reach out: Donations can be made via their website.

Kembara Kitchen

Who they are: A catering service that also provides food to those in need.


What they need: Mattresses, pillows, sheets and other bedding material, and raw ingredients.


How to reach out: Make your donations at “Kembara Kitchen” for raw ingredients, or “Kembara Community Care Centre” for bedding and drinking water. Use Waze or Google Maps for directions.

WOMEN:girls X Groove Grocer

Who they are: WOMEN:girls is a not-for-profit working to empower women. Groove Grocer is a community-driven grocery delivery service.


What they need: Sponsors for grocery supply boxes, containing food essentials for flood victims.


How to reach out: Purchase a Pay It Forward food box here.


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