Boss Baby: What It’s Like Being the Youngest in C27

“Eh, How Old Are You Again Ah?”

I was 19 when I first graduated college, and without giving myself the neccesary break I deserved, I jumped right into my first job.

Having skipped a year in high school and entering college at a younger age, I was always the baby in all groups. But, I never really acted my age, no one has ever needed to baby me before. I guess growing up with people who’re older than you forces you to act a certain way. I’d prefer hanging with my seniors than people my age — I’m sorry to all the other 98’s out there but most of you listen to Jason Derulo and have no idea who Tina Turner is.

Fast forward a year later, I ended up here in C27 at the age of 20.

Being the youngest one in the company, I cannot stress the amount of times I’ve had to remind people of my age and go through the whole “Oh my god, no. Stop. Walao eh I damn old already you make me feel so old la!” reactions. People tend to forget that I just stepped out of college a year ago because I guess I blend in with the rest? Apparently to other people, I look 25 — which is the average age of everyone else in the company. My colleagues are always in disbelief when I reveal my age, but maybe that’s due to the fact that I listen to the Carpenters at work… and everywhere else (stop trying to change my music taste).
Working with people who are older than me is hella scary. You know for a fact that they’ve lived longer than you, hence, more experienced. Will my work ever live up to their standards? What if I’m not good enough? These thoughts run through my head EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. without fail. Some days I feel like I may have put a lot of people down. Some days I feel like I’ve accomplished wonders, but it doesn’t just stop there. In between everything, it’s an emotional roller coaster ride.

However, with that being said, whenever I’m in doubt or when I feel lost at sea, the people around me here at C27 are ever willing to provide guidance and advice. I learn so much from so many people of different departments, I kid you not when I say I learn a new thing every day here. Whether it’s work-related or just pure (useful) bullsh*t, there’s always something new that will surprise me every day. I’ve been working in this company for 322 days — that’s 322 new pieces of information I’ve gained since working here. Do other people my age get to learn 322 things in 322 days? I think not. 😉

I think being the youngest in the company has given me a huge advantage. I wake up some days feeling thankful that I chose not to take that break after college. I thank God I was motivated enough to head out and earn some cash for myself. I may have screwed up my life timeline and started working way too early, but at least now I’m ahead of time.

Not only do I get to work with these amazing people of age (25- to 30-year-olds okay, you guys are not that much older than I am),  I also get to learn and experience things not many other 21-year-olds can. These people here in C27 have watched me grow into my adulthood and they will always be apart of the transition process.

“Eh, How Old Are You Again Ah?”

“I’m 21 and I’ve got a great head start to a very exciting future.”

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