Good visuals ain’t the only thing that matters

What if I told you that visuals are not the most important thing that make a video?


Say what. Does that even make sense.

But hey, hear me out. Let me explain.


When I first edited videos back in college, I was so focused on getting the right shots, angle, flow, and that honestly made me overlook the only thing that holds all impact, emotion, suspense and conclusion to the whole video which is *drum roll*…


Back then, I would edit the footages first and put them into the sequence of choice that I assumed (key word: assumed) would tell a story.


And shamefully admitting, the last thing I did before exporting the video would be to slap on the most generic royalty-free music that almost every other student used at least once in their life.

Oh yes. Trust me, I am ashamed.


But what’s life without making minor mistakes, learning from them and making major improvements?

The neat tip that I eventually learned was to choose your song FIRST.

This helps to know the vibe you’re going for — chill, upbeat, funky, sad, whatever it may be.


I think it’s fairly important to pick a song with good beats and drops as that can also work as a guide to when and how you should cut between footages. That way, the viewer would be in sync with the visual and music of your video.

Yes, feel the rhythm. Groove along to the music, it doesn’t hurt to listen and connect with it before starting your edit.


Also, don’t feel pressured to hit every single beat of the song because that would most likely give both you and the viewer a spasm, and I won’t be accountable for that.


Instead, prolong the shot if and when necessary by pulling it over two or three beats. And alternate that between single beat cuts to make the video interesting and fun for viewers to remain drawn in.


Sure, this might be a given to some. But if you’re not one of the some, I’m happy to know I’ve provided some key knowledge to you.


And that’s about it from me. I hope this post has sparked some interest with those hands of yours to start editing a video. Don’t hesitate to pick your favourite beat and edit away!


If you’ve made it to the end, thanks for reading and if you think you’re likely to forget how important music is in life — here’s a quote to help you remember.

And it ain’t fun to b flat. I would know.

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…or the author.


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