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So many people assume that I studied Motion Graphics or Broadcasting in college since I carry the title “Production Designer”. Truth is, no, not at all. (Haha. ?) I actually studied Mass Comm, and Broadcasting wasn’t even my major during my final semester. Yes, I learnt the basics in college but really, most of what I know now, I learnt through watching countless amounts of YouTube tutorials. Thank you, internet! Without you I might not have had this job.

Here are some YouTube channels I love and learnt from.

1. Peter McKinnon

This is one of the first channels I subscribed to when I gained interest in motion. He actually started off as a photographer so there are tons of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials as well (which I love!). What I really like about his videos is actually the way he speaks. Super enthusiastic, easy to understand and straight to the point without leaving out important information.


2. Daniel Schiffer

One word: aesthetics ?

His videos look so pretty that it makes you wanna know how he does it! I particularly like his tutorial on sound design which I think is so important in video editing. Most of his tutorials are on camera hacks/tips, and the ones on editing are usually done on Final Cut Pro instead of Premiere Pro. But if you understand the common functions between the two programmes, it’s pretty easy to understand what he’s doing. I also watch his videos just for inspiration.


3. SonduckFilm.

Now on to more After Effects-skewed channels. Here’s one that teaches a lot of vector/text animations. The tutorials are pretty easy to understand and straightforward. I usually watch these tutorials to see what After Effects can do and my reactions are usually like:

4. MOBOX Graphics

MOBOX Graphics is a whole other level. They focus a lot on 3D and 4D animations and the videos are pretty cool to watch – mainly because I have not actually tried these myself. BUT ONE DAY I SHALL! Yes, I watch these to inspire and motivate myself to reach a level where I’m able to understand what they are actually saying.


Inspiration is important!


In the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushihe says;

“You need to develop a palate capable of discerning good and bad. Without good taste, you can’t make good food.”

I think this applies to everything we do as well. Which is why I find it really important to watch lots of good content so I can try to reach that level. Here are some channels I follow for inspiration!

5. Kraig Adams


I first watched this video with the motion team and it was pretty amazing! We spent close to 40 minutes in the meeting room enjoying his travel vlog in Japan. It’s a combination of vlog and cinematic styles which I think makes the video easy to watch. It really made me feel like going to Japan again. Watch the whole video when you can! And check out his other stuff too.

6. Vox


Vox is a pretty great inspirational channel for title or vector animations. The motion design really makes the videos a lot more interesting than they already are.

7. CrachCourse


Just for LOLs. CrashCourse is super educational and cute! Check out their character animations. ?


And that is all from me! Now go be inspired.


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