#REXKL Raid: Where Do We Go From Here?

Some quick context: on Saturday, PDRM and JAIS raided a legal, private Halloween event happening at REXKL. At this event were members of the LGBTQ+ community, who were singled out for interrogation and detention overnight.

Now, we don’t tolerate discrimination or the misuse of power around these parts, so we’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of organisations that can help in the event something like this ever happens again.

Advice & Legal Aid


Who they are: A support group for gay and bisexual youths.
How to get in touch: DM them on Twitter at @jejakaorg or email hello@jejaka.org


Legal Dignity

Who they are: A feminist initiative working to ensure access to justice for queer individuals.
How to get in touch: Request aid on their website here, or DM @legaldignity on Instagram.


PLUHO (People Like Us Hang Out)

Who they are: An LGBTQ community-building group.
How to get in touch: DM them on Instagram at @pluho_org, or Twitter at the same handle.


Justice For Sisters

Who they are: An organisation raising public awareness about violence and persecution against trans women in Malaysia.
How to get in touch: DM them on Instagram at @justice_sisters


SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia)

Who they are: The OG human rights organisation in Malaysia.
How to get in touch: Email: suaram@suaram.net or dial +603-79545724 / +603-79545725.

Mental Health Support

BlueBird By PLUHO

Who they are: A service connecting LGBTQ individuals with LGBTQ-affirming mental health professionals
How to get in touch: Send them your details via this form

Community Health Care Clinic

Who they are: A community-based clinic working on HIV and AIDS, gender identity and sexual health
How to get in touch: Call them at +603-40513611 or WhatsApp +6011-21434572


Soul Mechanics

Who they are: A queer-friendly mental health service provider
How to get in touch: Visit their website or WhatsApp +6012-7229211


Cara-Cara Space

Who they are: A mental health service who hire queer-affirmative therapists.
How to get in touch: Visit their website to book a session


The Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Who they are: A non-profit Non-Government Organisation driving awareness and providing services around mental health
How to get in touch: Visit their website to view their list of resources or get in touch via this form.

Interacting With Police 101

Even if you’re not a part of a marginalised group, Malaysian authorities can (and will) try to walk all over your rights. So, if you have an interaction with police, whether at a roadblock, raid, or anything else, here’s what you need to remember:

1. Stay cool. They may try to fluster you in order to get something incriminating on you.

2. Present your MyKad on request. You are not legally required to provide any information that is not on your MyKad (e.g.: Job, Employer, Sexuality, etc.)

3. Ask the authorities if you’re under arrest. If not, you may leave. If yes, contact your legal representation immediately. If they refuse to answer and demand you stay, you may start contacting your legal representative.

This list may be updated from time to time. If you know of any other groups or services that would make a good addition to this list, DM on Instagram and we’ll get it on here.

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