Step Aside, Marie Kondo: How To Spark Joy, The Jeremy Phun Way

No, that’s not my studio. It belongs to my friend Casey.

Life might be a mess but your things shouldn’t be. I mean, why do you have to ask yourself whether something in your life sparks joy before you can start organising? All you need to do is to store things nicely and keep things tidy™.


My mum calls me a hoarder but I would like to think of myself as a collector. I love hoarding collecting all sorts of things from random coffee cups to Eclipse mint boxes (you’ll see). I mean, you’ll never know when you need inspiration from these items.


So I’m gonna show you how I organise my life without spending too much money (sometimes).


Unless your room looks like this:



Then I think only Marie Kondo can help you.


All your items should have a place they belong to. Get smaller bags or pouches to categorise your items. This creates a modular system so you don’t need to dissect your bag every time you need to find something. Nothing should have too much freedom.


I personally like to use different bags for different occasions; it makes it easy for me to swap them around for different events. Here are some of the pouches I have and how I use them.



The pouch that I have in my bag every day for work. Everything that I need can be found in this pouch. I have 3 different types of phone cables here: USB-C, lightning, and micro-USB (I’m that one true friend you need). There are also compartments for drugs pills like painkillers (for when somebody tasks me at 6pm and the deadline is at 7pm), charcoal pills, and motion sickness, and storage systems for my 2TB hard drive and a thumbdrive (so I can pass around my emo mixtape).


I usually carry my camera (never know when there’s a freelance job, I’m always ready) around with me daily so I have some essentials such as a charger for batteries and an SD card reader. On top of that, I have some pretty random stuff like a hairpin and a food “kiap kiap thing (lol what are those things called?)


Here’s where you can get it. (Don’t judge me. I got it for a good price second-hand.) This also doubles as a sling bag with the Peak Design anchor hooks.



It’s like a daily tech pouch, but compressed. This is the pouch I bring along when I want to travel light and give my back a break. I only store my essentials here (but I still bring along 3 types of cables. Why? I don’t know ?).



For my big ass charger and big ass mouse (I love you though). This is super useful because it keeps my mouse safe and it’s easy to throw this into any bag I have my laptop in. It being a bright colour also helps when it’s stored deep in your bag.



For the time I ever bump into Wes Anderson on the streets and I get the opportunity to interview him– this bag holds everything I need: an audio recorder, wind muff, extension cables, and a fresh AA battery (just in case our conversation goes well).



For whenever I have to play the guitar on the weekend, this is the bag I carry with me: a capo, tuner, tin (thanks Abu) of picks and an in-ear monitor with an extension. This automatically lets people know that you are legit.


Remember that episode when Marie Kondo told you to use random shoe boxes to organise your things in drawers? No thank you. It is ugly and makes your drawer feel like an old newspaper or sao kao pou chi bin.

Use drawer inserts instead – they are usually the same size as your drawers. Make each section to store a particular item. Once you make a mental visualisation of where each of the items belong to, you should be able to keep them organised. Easy.

I only have 2 drawers in my office table (pictured below) and this is what I do with them.



I LOVE COFFEE, but buying and drinking kopi peng or flat white every day isn’t too kind on my wallet (I need to fund my pouch obsession). So I’ve resulted in drinking instant coffee (the only reason I bought Essenso is because they have the best packaging). Other times when my tummy doesn’t allow me to drink coffee, I have a nice collection of tea (thanks Jon) on top.

Yes, those are all mint boxes but no, sadly they are all empty. I like hoarding mint boxes because they are good for storing things. And they look nice.

This is actually a kitchen drawer insert from IKEA. I believe there are different sizes for this, and are also very affordable.



Without these inserts, my drawer would be a chaotic mess with the amount of stuff I have. The smartest thing I’ve done? I created a spot for me to throw all my coins in. Brilliant. Definitely made my quest to be a billionaire much faster.

I found this insert from DAISO, but I’m not sure if they still sell them. Fun fact: They are actually stackable.

And that is all, folks! PM tepi if you guys need links to any of the stuff above. Most of the pouches I’ve purchased are either from Bay or Lazada. Have fun organising your things!

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