The beauty of blur photography

Discovering blurness in photography was a beautiful accident, and I’m deeply in love with it. Growing up with no interest in photography at all, my knowledge was shallow as I was only aware that a photo had to be clear and sharp.


I only picked up a legit camera when my college assignment required me to. It was about 7 months ago when I found my passion for photography. I had my first impromptu shoot with a bunch of great photographers and models.


The theme of that day was “KTM Train” and I can still remember clearly the first thought that came into my mind: “Hah? KTM station wor, got feel meh? Inside a train? Walao eh so shaky how to take sharp sharp photo?”


after hours-02

Well, I was so wrong. Thanks to that shakiness, I managed to discover the style of photography that I personally preferred.


Yes, through this journey, people asked me, “Yvonne what are you capturing? What is your focus?” But I believe blurry photos communicate something. As I ventured into capturing blurry photos, I started to understand what made it so beautiful.

after hours-03

It felt right to capture the movement of people in that way. Hand gestures, avoidance of eye contact, flinches – all these movements indicate an unspoken inner world of the subject. These movements capture and communicate an expression with deeper emotion from the subject to the audience.


As a photographer, it is important to capture the subject or individual’s truth which is often from the various emotions that they may be feeling at any given moment. This would bring us back to the importance of using blurry images – to immortalise emotion and showcase it in its realest form.


Pictures like these will make us feel something. Or at least, it does for me.


These imperfect photos reject focus and in a way, give us a sense of nostalgia. They symbolise memories. For instance, the blurriness of inexpressible moments in life or the beautiful memories of first love.

A blurry photo is perfect to communicate a feeling that perfection never will.

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