The Roles of a C27 Strategist (that’s not in the JD!)

A little backstory: Unlike other agencies, C27 does not have a separate department for Suits and Planners. We handle both roles, and are called Strategists. So yes, we plan, research, and service them clients. Besides that, C27 also comprises of the Management (of course), Project Managers and two other departments – the Creatives and the Developers. The Creatives make magic with their creative juices and the Developers, well… they code, build digital products, and bring amazing things to life.


Got it? Good – you’re all caught up now!


I’m from the Strategy department in C27 and funnily enough, I come from a PR background. The amazing part about that is how much that skill has helped me grow as a Strategist in C27. People are often confused and lost on what a Strategist does on a day-to-day basis and that’s okay, because half of the time, our job consumes so much of our time that even we don’t even realise the many hats we put on.


So I compiled a whole list of roles a Strategist has to take on, that no one ever speaks of.


1. You are everyone’s punching bag.
As a Strategist in C27, you’re both the Suit and Planner. Most of the time, your job is to make everyone happy. You need to understand the needs of the client and at the same time, be careful to not step on anyone’s toes – that means the client, Creatives and Project Managers (or traffic)! Now the solution to this is to find the incredibly thin line and never cross it. Once in a while, you’ll get shit for it but that’s okay because that comes with the job.
giphy (2)

Similar to the Chain of Screaming, except you’ve got no one to scream at.

2. Your to-do lists never end.
Every day, I attempt to complete all my tasks in my to-do list. And here’s the thing: It never ends. As I’m halfway through my list, a whole new list would miraculously appear. This happens almost every day and you’re back to square one. A full list.
to do list
Here’s something that never happens.
3. Being your clients’ therapist.
Being a Strategist can be emotionally draining at times. It’s as though you have a master in Psychology. Your natural instinct or habit would be to read your clients’ minds and learn their body language over time to know exactly what they want when they don’t really know what they want. It takes a lot of back-and-forth communication, but when you finally get what they want, it feels like you’re in a whole new world.
a whole new world

*Cues Aladdin’s A Whole New World*

4. There is no such thing as “daily routine”.

The work changes every day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are always new things to learn and new challenges to overcome which keeps the work interesting. You might do something you completely hate today and be rewarded with work you enjoy tomorrow. Being a Strategist really is a job that requires you to work with passion and forces you to expand your horizons.

5. You work long hours, but that’s okay.

I mean, what’s new right? Being in an agency automatically means you’ll have crazy long hours. Thankfully enough, we get to have a work-life balance every once in a while during quieter months. Work hard, play harder. Just kidding, though I really am not. It is so incredibly important to have that burning passion in what you do because sometimes, that is the only motivation you need to keep going. Every successful campaign and achievement along the way makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it.

6. It’s like maintaining a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Obviously, this is very subjective and highly dependent on the client you’re servicing (fortunately, I have amazing clients). But sometimes, client servicing means dedicating your hours listening, giving suggestions, and finding solutions. You’re signing up for a whole new commitment.


But all in all, being a Strategist is such a rewarding job in its own ways – from seeing your campaign being a success to understanding what your client wants before providing feedback.

It is a never-ending cycle of work with different results and that’s what makes it great.

The views expressed by the authors on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of C27, our CEO, the management, the fish in our fish tank, and/or all the awesome people within the agency. The content and opinions shared are the personal views of the author so please don’t sue us.

…or the author.


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