"Duit your way."


User-First Design

Creating a dashboard is an exercise in data visualisation. Users should be able to view key info and monitor trends with a quick glance. We structured Versa’s dashboard with that in mind, using symbols and colour-coding to indicate fund performance, making it super easy to read and digest.


Visual Storytelling

Research shows that 79% of app users scan new pages visually vs the 16% who read word-by-word. With that in mind, we used graphics and illustrations to simplify messaging and communicate key info. Simple, effective, and pleasing to the eye.


Seamless Sign Up

As a platform focused on making cash management easier, signing up for Versa had to be easy too. We structured the sign up flow to take only 4 steps, with users able to postpone all other non-essential tasks. All the instructions are short and straight to the point, so users don’t get overwhelmed.