C27 Launches voteordie.shop to Highlight Wealth Disparity Between Political Elite and the Average Malaysian

In honour of our politicians’ love for luxury fashion labels, digital enablement agency C27 has launched www.voteordie.shop. The site highlights the disparity of wealth between Malaysia’s political elite and the average Malaysian citizen, underlining just how important it is to vote wisely in the upcoming #GE15.

As a store, Voteordié features only the finest politician-approved fits. After all, nobody loves blatantly rocking luxury labels more than the cremé de la cremé of our own government (that’s the Kayangan crowd for us pipits). Who could forget Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Chairman of the Jihad Task Force to fight inflation, going for a pasar malam run with his RM6,500 Louis Vuitton Kasai clutch and matching Tommy Hilfiger tracksuit? Or our own Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri’s penchant for Burberry shirts, which each, on average, costs 4.6 times the Malaysian minimum wage?

So, the question is: can Malaysians be legitimately represented by politicians who flaunt such wealth?

Post-pandemic (and the infamous Sheraton Move), Malaysians have been burdened with rising costs of living, inflation, Bank Negara raising the OPR rate for the fourth time this year (but our gaji still belum naik), flood woes, traffic jams, LRT rosak, flaws in the education system, Malaysian mothers fighting for their rights – the list goes on.

Remember how ordinary Malaysians came out in droves to help one another during last year’s floods, which destroyed homes and devastated hundreds of families. Remember how it was ordinary Malaysians again who united to help their neighbours through the lockdowns when people were out of work and struggled to put food on the table. No matter how much the elite try to divide us, we are more united now than ever. Kita Jaga Kita.

In just a few days, Malaysians nationwide will exercise their right to vote for a better country and a brighter future. We hope you will too.

Vote or die, Malaysia.