C27 Wins Gold at The Kancils 2023

"Can Malaysians truly be represented by those who flaunt such extreme wealth?"

The worst thing that can happen to a good idea is for it to remain as just “an idea”.

When we first had the idea for Voteordie, we knew it was something we believed in. If you really believe in something, run it yourself – don’t wait for the perfect clients. They’re out there, but timing will always be out of your control. No amount of money can fix that.

However, it’s still a bit of a taboo for an agency to submit a campaign without a client, so naturally, we felt compelled to change that.


We also wanted to remind everyone that we could be that agency that wins awards, if we wanted to.

Winning at the Kancil Awards is obviously something to be proud of. Still, if you know us, we were never one for awards, as our purpose and vision refuse to consider accolades as a barometer for creative effectiveness and cultural relevance.


Voteordie began as a way to combat voter fatigue and demand more accountability from our political representatives in our latest General Elections. Born out of pure rebellion, we built an e-commerce platform to showcase the extreme wealth flaunted by the political elite in comparison to the living costs of ordinary Malaysians. The question we wanted everyone to ask themselves was, “Can Malaysians truly be represented by those who flaunt such extreme wealth?”

Within 48 hours of going live, the Voteordie website was suspended for “review”, featured in multiple news portals across languages, various social media platforms, and interviews on a radio station and a global TV news network. Google Analytics showed a certain “station” in Bukit Aman refreshed our page hundreds of times.

We achieved RM1.2 million in media value with absolutely RM0 taken out of our wallets. Ok fine, the server cost us about RM120 but who’s counting?

While we mostly have ourselves to thank, we also want to thank Woei Hern, Alvin and Kristian for forcing us to submit Voteordie for this year’s Kancil Awards.

We also have to thank our politicians for flaunting their opulence; it gave us such great material to work with.

And finally, f**k you if you ever doubted us, or dismissed our credibility because we never took part in industry activities. We won.